Museum hours of operation:

Tuesdays, Thursdays

Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays


Virtual guided tours:

The Levi Strauss Museum developed a new mediation format for guests. A museum educator equipped with a camera and microphone is on site and visits the museum via zoom/lifestream in real time together with the guests. Innovative about this idea is that it is by no means a prefabricated video tour that can always be accessed in the same way. The tour takes place live and is specially designed for the requirements of the respective group. For example, questions can be answered, priorities can be set and work tasks can be solved. For foreign-speaking guests, the guided tour is also available in English. All that is needed by the guests is a PC or a mobile device with camera (if necessary a beamer for school classes) and internet access. Visitors can then participate from their respective private residences or from the classroom.

Admission Fee:

Adults: € 4,00 
Children, students, disabled persons: € 2,00 
Groups (20 persons or more) per person: € 3,00


Marktstr. 31-33
96155 Buttenheim

Phone: +49 95 45 - 44 26 02 or +49 95 45 - 4 40 99 36

email: levi-strauss-museum(at)

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